A Facebook Conversation Summer 2017

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Nikki Fish Todd Driehorst
I have a lady that wants her vinyl siding painted, told her it wasn’t happening. A good friend who has been a contractor for 30+ years told me he painted vinyl siding 10 years ago and it still looks like new, but he can’t remember what he used. Can anybody lead me in the right direction?

Randall Gibson
There’s all kinds of products that work these days specially formulated just for that. I’ve been using Sun-Proof from PPG with good success for the last 4 years. (That’s what my employer purchased but it works.) Ben Moore makes a good one too.

Nicholas Perry
I’ve done it probably 15 times. My own house also. Any exterior acrylic latex. Light colors only.

Jenny Burroughs
Gripper is a great primer, but primers aren’t necessary when painting vinyl. Go direct with 100% acrylic. My favorite is PPG Sun-Proof. A new formula was just launched too!!

Sean Shaffer
I wouldn’t recommend a big color change because they make siding different thickness for different colors so doing a major color change could cause warping in the sun. That being said Sherwin-Williams Multi-Surface Acrylic is a fantastic product. Also, definitely spray it. Anyone who thinks brushing and rolling would look better isn’t a professional in my book. Ever see anyone brush and roll a car? Spray finish is the best when you know how to do it . . .

Geoff Smith
In 1994 I painted a house with avocado siding using 25 year Sears WeatherBeater latex after a TSP wash. Painted white over green with 2 coats and today it still looks like new. If you think latex won’t adhere to aging siding, try to scrape or clean off the last person’s paint from 10 years ago who was sloppy with their application technique around windows etc. It tends to stay where it was put down . . . . !

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