• Tin foil is perfect for keeping paint off sprinkler heads in commercial buildings when spraying. Crumple pieces of foil on the heads beforehand, then pull them off when you’re done.

    Aaron Rothenberg
  • When working out of a paint pot, dip the tip of your brush in the paint and slap the inside of the can instead of removing excess paint on the rim of the can. This keeps the handle and top of the bristles clean.

    Patrick McFadden
  • Use soccer shin pads on ladders and you’ll never get bruises or pain on your legs.

    Sergei Izbitski
  • Always start painting in small areas. Once your muscles are warm, move on to bigger areas. Starting small gives an immediate feeling of achievement before coffee break. One room down!

    Tanya Edison
  • A 7” mohair roller works great for painting metal doors, and fi ts into a paint can when done.

    Aaron Rothenberg
  • Got a long wall to paint? A roll of tar paper is a cheap and easy way to protect the floor or ground. Set it close to the wall, anchor the loose end, and give it a kick. Voila! 100+ feet of excellent floor protection. Tar paper is also easy to cut to shape if necessary.

    Rick Fowler
  • Got plastic wall anchors to hide? Use a sharp utility knife and cut the anchor flush to the wall. Tap the remaining plastic so it’s below the wall surface, then skim coat patching compound over the dent.

    Dagmar Wickes

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