Repainting a Queen Anne Victorian

David Wenner and Carly Baker have been partners together in C&D Painting since 2010 and some of their most impressive projects involve repainting the kind of classic old wooden homes common in their area of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The Queen Anne Victorian here with the trimwork wave had a crew of eight on the job that involved stripping back to bare siding and trim. They used a Paint Shaver Pro for bulk removal of paint, and a collection of Festool sanders with 40-, 80- and 120-grit abrasives to back-sand before power washing and priming. Rock Miracle was the paint stripper of choice for details too small or fragile for power tools.

We used nine colours in all on this house”, explains Dave, “over two coats of Zinsser Oil-Based Cov-er-Stain Primer. The two young daughters in the family wanted purple somewhere on the house, so I took it on myself to paint the wave.

“The most amazing home we’ve had the pleasure of painting is in Amesbury”, says Dave. The homeowner is a dentist who broke a leg while skiing in the 1980s. He decided to stay in his home while laid up and he hand-cut and carved all the wood on the exterior details. We’re still in awe over this one. At the ripe age of 88, this gen-tleman can’t climb ladders to keep up with this beautiful home on his own so we take care of it for him. We had three guys on this job plus Carly and myself. Overall not much prep as the homeowner touched up issues right away. Eight colors total, with spot priming as needed.

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