Rust-Oleum Glitter Wall Paint

Create loyal customers by staying current with modern décor trends. Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint, part of Rust- Oleum’s Decorative Wall Program, is an intense glitter finish that provides a multi-dimensional, decorative shimmer to walls and most surfaces without the mess of flaky glitter. This product can be applied with a 9. nap roller, brush or paint.

It can also be used with any spray device that can provide the following:

• Approx 430 Nl/min (15.2 cfm) air flow, or more.

• Operating spray pressure of 29 – 90 psi

• Nozzle size of 1.2 – 2.2mm, 1.6mm ideal

When using a spray, water clean-up is appropriate, but finish with alcohol solvent to clean the device thoroughly.

Glitter Interior Wall Paint is available in 946mL cans in the following colours: Harvest Gold, Sterling Silver and Iridescent. Beautiful, exclusive and truly unique, these coatings are formulated to provide a decorative glitter finish to most interior surfaces including drywall, wood, metal, plastic and hardwood. It dries smooth making it easy to paint over later.

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