Taking the Pensacola Challenge

Big and beautiful. That’s the best way to describe an epic, 10,000 square foot house in Pensacola, Florida, paint- ed by Richard Ingram and his team at Richard Ingram LLC. Five bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, an office, a school room, dining room, mud room, finished basement, 4-car garage, a safe room and playroom – all sitting on 160 acres of land. “Other than the size, the main challenge was all the different colours and stains used on different types of wood”, explains Ingram. “I’m thankful that the homeowners were very easy to get along with on this job.”

Ingram and two employees started the house in November 2014 and finished up in April 2015. “We painted the inside and outside of this place”, says Ingram, “including 1500 lineal feet of crown, 67 doors, plus fancy casings on every window.”

Pensacolla challenge

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