What’s been the most difficult painting job of your career?

What jobs are you most proud of?

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rick_fowlerRick Fowler
Most difficult jobs are ones I wasn’t completely prepared for . . . tools, material, whatever. The Irish have a saying: “There’s no bad weather . . . only bad clothing.” Most proud of?
Any job where the customer says “Wow, how the hell did you do that?”

craig_estayCraig Estey
MOST DIFFICULT: Painting the cold storage facility at a dairy. Temperature was -15ºC and had to use industrial epoxy mixed with a catalyst. Any paint left by 4 o’clock was a solid disc of rubber. Work took twice as long because winter clothes hindered movements. I’m proud of all my jobs, but still find areas where I could’ve done better right after each one.

gene_latrayGene Latray
MOST DIFFICULT: A log home exterior renewal along with metal roof prep and epoxy.
Never again! Most proud of? Too many to list. I love the look on a happy client’s face when they see their project better than they expected.

Tim KyteTim Kyte
Customer picked orange paint, but after three coats it still looked horrible. Checked with
supplier and was assured the paint was good. Fourth coat still looked terrible, so went to paint manufacturer. “Oh, you need to use a special primer. Didn’t the supplier tell you?” Lost money and a day on the job, but homeowner was happy in the end.

Tanya EdisonTanya Edison
I train volunteers to paint affordable housing, and I can have up to ten non-painters painting a new house at any given time. Any seasoned painter could just imagine my day.

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