Big When You Need Them, Small When You Don’t!

Everybody uses ladders, and we all have the same complaints. “Ladders are too heavy!” “They take up half of my garage to store!” “They are too big for my car!” “I don’t have a ladder rack!” Or, “I have a ladder rack and hate it!” Telesteps has solved all these problems with our OSHA certified, ANSI 14.2 tested telescoping ladders. Made from non-recycled aircraft-grade aluminum, these ladders are durable and lightweight.

Telesteps offers several sizes of extension ladders, from A-frames and step stools that range from Type 1- 250lb ratings, to Type 1A- 300lb ratings, to Type 1AA- 375lb ratings. Built for commercial, industrial and home use, Telesteps is a must have tool in any tool box, workshop, jobsite and home.

Telesteps ladders range from 10.5 feet (14- foot reach) to 14.5 feet (18-foot reach). They can also be opened in one foot increments, starting from the bottom. When retracted, most are only 27”-32” high, and they weigh from 18-29 lbs.

Easy to use, easy to carry and easy to store, Telesteps ladders can fit in the backseat of a car, are great in confined spaces, and can be stored in a coat closet or pickup cab. No ladder racks are needed to transport these precision-manufactured tools to the jobsite. FYI, half of the ladder injuries in the USA occur when lifting a ladder off a ladder rack or carrying a heavy ladder around jobsites. Using a Telesteps telescoping ladder helps to remove this risk, since you won’t need a ladder rack any longer.

Telesteps owners know the value of being able to carry a small ladder under one arm into a home or business, pop it up quickly, do their work, pop it down again, and leave without damaging doors, walls, windows, and people. Telesteps extension and A-frame ladders are used by painters, roofers, framers, building inspectors, solar installers, cable and security alarm installers, farmers, janitorial and building maintenance workers, etc.

The Telesteps black tactical ladder is used by the U.S. military and paramilitary and is popular with law enforcement and outdoorsmen/hunters. Telesteps has a great track record, and we offer the best warranty in the ladder industry: one full year.

FACT: Did you know that Telesteps is the original manufacturer and inventor of the telescopic ladder? Telesteps is the only OSHA-certified telescoping ladder on the market. Some have tried to copy this successful ladder, but besides not having OSHA stickers, they cannot copy the patented one-touch release system, patented pivoting silicone feet, professional wide steps for ease of use, and elliptical railing system, which provides extra engineered strength. Telesteps engineered climbing products are the most portable and easy-to-store ladders in the world. Our quality is unparalleled.

Big when you need them, small when you don’t!

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