Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor

Get to painting faster with the Nix Mini Color Sensor. The Nix Mini is a powerful hand-held tool that grabs the colour of any surface and provides instant in-app paint matches to your Android or Apple device. Scan any colour from wallpapers, textiles, plastics, painted walls, and more and match it to over 31,000 brand name paints. Save paint colours to project folders, discover new colour schemes, and share your palettes with clients or email them right to the paint store. With its award winning technology you’ll never have to cut drywall samples again. Buy it today at for only $129.99.

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Floor Specialty

Dave Wenners has been a residential and light commercial painter since 1988, but lately he’s been bragging about a tighter…

28 Nov 2018 Bragging Erin Burke No comments

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