Do you pursue Craftsmanship?

CRAFTSMANSHIP ISN’T A WORD you hear often these days, and that’s too bad. Even though craftsmanship has become largely invisible to many ordinary people, it will always be the single most important factor in how our world looks, functions and endures. A sense of craftsmanship can also be a powerful motivation for people like you who work with their hands. Have you  experienced what the pursuit of craftsmanship can do to energize your life as a pro painter?

There was a time when our society was much more aware of craftsmanship than we are now, and something especially sad happens when tradespeople themselves lose the sense that there’s more to work than just pay. These days “designers” are all the rage. And while you’ve got to hand it to those chatty 20-somethings who’ve managed to reach media guru status for their abundant talk about how things should go together, the fact is, all the design insights in the world mean nothing without skilled, detail-oriented people to actually roll up their sleeves and make things happen. People just like you.

Everyday, on every project, each job is made up of a hundred little decisions about craftsmanship. Do you patch that little flaw or leave it? Do you grab that rag and wipe off the tiny bit of stray paint? Do you spend the extra to try a roll of that new high-end painter’s tape, or make do with what you’ve got? Decisions like these are small, but how you choose determines whether or not you get energized by the pursuit of craftsmanship.

Celebration of the best is something we take seriously here at Pro Painter. That’s the reason we’re announcing a new feature. It’s called Brag Page and it’s a place where you can get your best projects featured in print, presented to an audience that knows what good painting is. Go to and send us photos and a description of your best, most impressive work. Send as many jobs as you like and we’ll consider them all for celebration here on the Brag Page.

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