What would you say to a kid of yours who wanted to become a professional painter?

Is it still as good a trade as when you got into it?

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Aaron RothenbergAaron Rothenberg
I would tell them to go to college. If they really want to become a painter, I would let them as long as they went with a good company that offered a benefit
and annuity plan.

Erik SchlakeErik Schlake
I would tell them to learn the trade early, but take the opportunity to go to college and try new things. There is nothing wrong with being a painter. Knowing a craft means you have the ability to always put cash in your pocket. Take advantage of that while you are young, but try as many other things as you can, too.

Craig EsteyCraig Estey
That would depend on where he wants to live. We have a dying demographic here in Nova Scotia. 70% of the population is over age 63 and we’re losing population to the tune of 12,000 per year. There just wouldn’t be enough business. Now that my wife has lost her full time benefits we may be leaving as well. Last year our hydro, gasoline and mortgage would take all of my gross from last year.

Justin’s CcpfJustin’s Ccpf
If you are a real professional painter, not a hack with a paint brush, then I’m sure you wouldn’t want your kids to have to do this. Believe me, they’ll know how to paint
if they have to. I’m looking for my kids to take care of me after I’m all broken and wore out from painting my whole life. lol.

Jared MartinJared Martin
No! Take over my company. That’s it.


Jason BergenJason Bergen
I want mine to learn that it’s good to know how to paint well. But I hope they get an education through school and travel, then choose their own path. It’s better if you
don’t have to paint full time.

Bubba MasonBubba Mason
Here in Alabama its tough, so no to following in my footsteps. Both my daughters are pre-med and my sons play baseball so no painting for them.

Daniel FrostDaniel Frost
It’s pretty much what you make it. Like any craft and profession there are pros and cons. For my new kids, a girl and boy, we have taught them to find their passion and go for it. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. If it’s painting, so be it!

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