DynaPatch Pro

How many times does a repaint job not need some kind of wall repair before the roller gets wet? Not often, right? That’s why you need a professional grade spackle.

DynaPatch Pro does everything a great spackle should. It resists shrinking and cracking, it dries fast, sands clean, and it works on just about any surface you’ll run into: drywall, wood, fiberboard, MDF and even metal doors. Hardly any smell, works indoors or outside and has a low odour. The water-based formulation cleans up easily with soap and water. Got some especially small flaws to fix? DynaPatch Light works like the Pro formulation, but dries white and doesn’t need sanding as long as you’re neat with the drywall knife. DynaPatch Pro comes in four sizes from 236ml to 850ml, and DynaPatch Light from 240ml to the whopping 3.78L tub.

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