Is there more professional painting in the world, or less?

Is it true that the proportion of professional painting versus DIY painting is on  the rise?

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daniel_petrulakDaniel Petrulak
I believe this to be true. I knew of just one painter growing up, and he subbed almost strictly for an interior design company in the city of Pittsburgh. Seems to me that painting company’s popped up through the mid 90s.

Tim Laur
In the 70’s it was a different economy. Now there are more two income households and who has time to paint with both spouses working? Houses are bigger,  bedrooms are larger. Labor is more expensive so many people place too much value on their time.

Olive Leighton
Wallpaper was big in our area during the earlier times. In fact, 30 years ago, a retired paperhanger was selling some leftover paper at his yard sale. I bought some, hung it and then put an ad in the paper for paperhanger.

Craig Estey
Tim is right. I have many clients who can paint and do a professional job. It takes them more time, and that’s where I come in. They get a job to their standards (or higher) and it free’s up the time they need for other things. Also, many of my clients used to paint for themselves, but are getting older and just couldn’t be bothered with it anymore. 60% of my residential work is with clients who are 60+.

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