Floor Specialty

Dave Wenners has been a residential and light commercial painter since 1988, but lately he’s been bragging about a tighter focus he’s taken for his business: Epoxy.

“One reason for me switching from painting to epoxy work exclusively is the increase in demand I’ve seen for it,” explains Dave. “Under my old painting company, we did about 25 garage floors, basements and commercial epoxy jobs – all without seeking the work. So when my old painting partner accepted an amazing offer to run a painting crew, I decided to follow the opportunity and concentrate on epoxy.”

Dave’s specialization has taken him to some impressive places, including a 21,000 sq.ft. mansion, with two mechanical rooms and a workshop. He’s also applied epoxy to campground shower and bathroom facilities, as well as ordinary basements and garages.

How does an epoxy focus compare with regular painting? “First, there’s no climbing ladders and no need for drop cloths except in my mixing/staging area,” explains Dave. “Epoxy coatings need fewer tools and equipment which means fewer trips in and out of the customers’ homes to set up. Estimates are easier, too. I can give a price right there on the spot. With painting it could take me a couple of hours to get the estimate typed.”

“I wear spiked shoes or golf shoes when spreading flakes on uncured epoxy. Typically I have an hour to go back and touch up sparse areas without spike marks remaining.”

Dave advertises with truck and office lettering, yard signs and a 65,000-name email list that he publishes to every two weeks. “I’m also using Facebook paid advertising,” explains Dave. “Word of mouth still works great, too.”

Show the world your best work right here. Send photos and a brief description of the project to: steve@stevemaxwell.ca

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