Nova Scotia Simplifies

Anyone running a small business knows the hassles of dealing with government paperwork, permits and regulations spread out across various departments. It’s not just the work itself, but also the friction of dealing with disjointed government application processes, offices and permit requirements that’s so much trouble. This is where the expansion of a Nova Scotia government website can teach other places how to be better. “We’ve been an analog government in a digital world,” says Mark Furey, head of Service Nova Scotia, “and that puts us at a disadvantage from a business perspective.” The updated and evolving provincial website “ignores departmental lines and instead focuses on what business people need,” explains Furey.

Currently active for the restaurant and accommodation sectors but expanding to other areas of the provincial economy, the website is a click- and-get-it-done place for permits, business names, licenses and all other government requirements. There’s even an opportunity to sign up for notification of government tenders. “The need to transition into a truly digital government is absolutely necessary for us to be competitive across the country and to be competitive on a global scale,” said Furey. See what evolving efficiency looks like at

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