Pool Party

Four-man crew gives high school swimming pool a facelift

When Daniel Howell and his crew with CertaPro Painters tackled the swimming pool at Calumet High School in Schererville, Indiana, it was a new challenge for them. “This was my first time painting a big pool like this”, says Howell. “I’d done the rim of swimming pools before at a few hotels, but nothing on the size and scale of this job.”

It took Howell’s four-painter crew 200 hours to complete the project, including some fancy work creating logos. “Before prep, we covered the tile floors to protect them”, explains Howell, “then sanded the walls before applying one coat of  PrepRite ProBlock primer. We caulked the corners and used autobody filler to repair holes before applying two coats of two-part epoxy fol-lowed by three coats of Resilience exterior latex for the red stripe along the walls. Other than being careful in the usual way, we didn’t have to take precautions to catch the odd paint drip as we painted the ceiling because the pool has a state-of-the-art filtration system. For logos we used a digital projector to trace outlines onto walls, then taped them out and painted.”

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